Females Of Color

We are hoping to launch an after school program for females of color ages 12-20.

We shall provide a safe and nurturing space dedicated to education and positive identity development. 

In addition to the After School Program, we intend to offer Summer Programs and Diversity Days. You can find detailed information about these program below.

We will also introduce a Yoga Teacher Development Program where our educational initiatives will more directly support underserved females of color. 


Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships allow them to go to school to obtain the skills and credentials they need to become a successful, certified Yoga Teacher.

Female Of Color Programs

After School Program


  • Help with homework- the older girls in this program will help the younger girls with homework, school projects and motivate them to stay in school.
  • Help with employment endeavors- we will offer assistance with searching, applying and interviewing for jobs. We connect the girls with potential employers.
  • Mentoring- each girl will have the opportunity to select someone from our Mentoring Team who will become a source of wisdom, teaching, and support for them.


Summer Programs


  • Volunteer Outings- we shall select other local charities to volunteer our time and service, stressing the importance of community service.
  • Book Club-  two books shall be carefully selected and distributed to the girls. An online forum will be open for discussing and asking questions. Book Club gatherings will held biweekly to discuss the book and encourage the girls to keep reading.
  • Yoga Teacher Training- shall be an effort to create more diversity in the yoga community, we intend to  sponsor one Female Of Color yearly to attend a Yoga Teacher Training.

*Eligible females must be enrolled in our program and are carefully selected by our Board Of Directors.

Diversity Days


This monthly event shall  focus on 

  • Self Care
  • Self Image
  • Self Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Personal Development

Diversity Day is designed to empower girls to say no or walk away from situations that can be threatening to their honor and dignity. 

Monthly Workshops will be  held for building a healthy self-image and improving self-esteem.

Help Fund Our Scholarships

This scholarship fund is set up to offer the opportunity for passionate and experienced yoga practitioners from our fut FOC Program to attend trainings that advance them into a role of teaching and leadership. 

Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Scholarships teach philanthropy.

By being the student recipient of a scholarship, it is hoped that the students will become philanthropic themselves and "give back" when they are financially able.

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