the arts

The Arts  program helps to increase  positive behavior by teaching youth to safely and confidently express themselves  through  artist  endeavors.

Art classes will include drawing, sketching,  painting,  photography, songwriting, music,  dance, and more.

Youth sh also take educational trips to local museums, performances, and art shows, as part of their exposure and learning experience. 

The Arts program provides opportunities for youth to showcase their work or perform their talents for the community.


Why art is important.

Research shows that exposure to The Arts can help teens develop many positive skills and capacities that are valued by leaders and employers, such as persistence, collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, motivation, and problem solving. In addition, studies demonstrate that Arts exposure can improve a teenager’s confidence and academic performance.

According to a ten-year national study of over 25,000 high school students, students with lower socio-economic status who had sustained involvement in theatre arts were shown over time to have greater self-confidence, motivation, and empathy than did their non-arts peers.

The Arts teach us how to be human.

While nothing can really prepare us for a living except actually living and learning along the way, The  Arts offer us an invaluable window into the human experience and can teach us how it is to live on this planet with  different people from  different places.

 It also shows us our similarities and differences and helps us empathize with others.

I believe I can fly.

Through the artistic process, kids and teens can spread their wings and even soar as they discover their gifts and talents, and ultimately, who they really are.

Here are even more reasons why art is important for kids and teens:

Art allows them to–

  • explore their feelings and emotions
  • reconcile conflicts
  • become more self-aware
  • manage and improve behavior
  • develop their artistic skills
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • gain self-confidence
  • increase self-esteem
  • improve their sense of well-being
  • think outside the box
  • express themselves creatively
  • improve performance in other areas
  • achieve personal insight
  • receive tremendous pleasure

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